Dr. Muhammad Roy Purwanto Became A Speaker at the International Seminar on Renewal of Islamic Thought in Tunisia

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Dr. Muhammad Roy Purwanto Became A Speaker at the International Seminar on Renewal of Islamic Thought in Tunisia

"Allah will raise for this community in every 100 years with the advent (mujadid) someone who will renew religion". This is the hadis being the basis of the holding of an international seminar themed Tajdid al-Fikr al-Islami al-Awa’iq bain wa al-Rahiniyyah (Renewal of Islamic Thought between Demands and Challenges) conducted by the Tunisian Zaytuna University, the oldest university in the world on April 28th -29th, 2015.

At the international forum, the young Doctor of FIAI, namely Dr. Muhammad Roy Purwanto become one of the speakers, representing the Islamic University of Indonesia. Roy, he wasusually called, presenteda paper entitled Tajdid al-Fikr al-Principled Fi al-Qiyas: Naq al-Qiyas li al-Shafi’i (Usul Fiqh Thought Renewal in Qiyas: Criticism of Qiyas al-Shafi’i). In his paper, he said that the renewal of usulfiqhshould be done, one of them by reconstructing the qiyas concept which ia less dynamic due to the partial use of Aristotelian logic. This logic (manthiq Aristhu) included in qiyas since qiyas was theorized comprehensively by al-Shafi’i.

According to Muhammad Roy, this international seminar was attended by Islamic thinkers in the Middle East region, including the Dr. Nafisa Duwaidah (Algerian), Dr. Lutfi Jaray (Tunisia), Dr. Muhammad Zainal Abidin (Morocco), Dr. Abdul Latif (Saudi Arabia), Dr. Sulaiman (Mali), and Dr. Mistiri (Tunisia).

Furthermore, according to Roy, the initial process of this seminar is to send an Arabicabstract. Then, receiving an answer of acceptance, he senthis full article in Arabic. After waiting for three weeks, Roy was told that his paper is accepted and can be presented in the international forum.

At first, this international seminar once would be postponed because there were incidents of terrorism in Tunisia Bardo Museum on March 2015 that killed 25 foreign tourists. However, after observing the development of post-terrorism conducive Tunisia, the Committee continued this international event. According to the Roy’sstory, the effects of terrorism could be seen in the proposing process ofvisa and immigration at the Carthageairport, Tunis. The new visa was approved in "injury time", one day before his departure, he just received a new departure visa, even though he has proposedmore than a month earlier. At the Carthageairport Tunis, the immigration once could hold him up to one hour, but after he showed a letter of invitation of international seminars, he was allowed  to stroll to the country of  Ibn Khaldun Tunisia.

Good work Dr. Muhammad Roy, hopefully after returning to the UII, you can transmit the ideas of renewal of Islamic thought for the good of UII in particular and Muslims in general. Keep stepping carrying the flag UII, Indonesia, and Islam in the intellectual and spiritual wanderings


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