The Director of Diktis InauguratedArabic International Class at UII

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The Director of  Diktis InauguratedArabic International Class at UII

JOGJAKARTA - Both classical and modern Islamic studies used Arabic language more. As an international language, Arabic is important to be used as a introductory lecture. Responding to this, Islamic University of Indonesia (UII) through the Program of Islamic Law (Shari’ah) Faculty of Islamic Studies (FIAI) officially opened Arabic international classes.

Presenting as a keynote speaker and opening the program officially, he was the Director of Islamic Higher Education (Diktis) Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemanag) of the Republic of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. H. AmsalBachtiar, MA. He highly appreciated the international classes of Arabic. For him, the importance of the Arabic language has several reasons. "Firstly, it is because Arabic is the language of heaven," he said passionately in "Launching and General Studium" at Courtroom of FIAI Tuesday, 16 Dhu al-Hijjah 1436 AH / September 29th,2015.

Additionally, Arabic is the language of "grave". In other words, the question of angels in barzakhnature (grave) should be in Arabic. Finally, Arabic is the language of "Hajj" (lughātulhajj). It means that the pilgrims in Mecca would be easier if theycan master Arabic.

Prof. Amsal also offered severalDIKTIS programs related to students. It included the scholarships for students of Islamic private universities and entrepreneurs grants for students in the last semester. He also promised to give special appreciation for the international class students of Arabic.

The Rector of UII, Dr. Ir. H. Harsoyo, M.Sc., who was also present, welcomed the opening of the international class. According to him, the Arabic international class was essential to obtain universal recognition. "We can promote this program to other countries," he said. In this case, foreign students will be more interested in coming to UII because UII also has had the International Program (IP) in English.

As reported by the Head of the Program (Kaprodi) of Islamic Law, Prof. Dr. Amir H. Mu’allim, MIS., there were 28 students who entered the Arabic language international program this year. For him, the opening of this program was a strategic move of the Islamic lawstudy program to exist in the international world. The Dean of FIAI, Dr. H. Tamyiz Mukharrom, MA., Who also attended the opening positively appreciated to the program. "Thirty percent of the students is from Islamic Boarding Schools," he corroborated.

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