FIAI Welcomed Three Thai Students

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FIAI Welcomed Three Thai Students

JOGJAKARTA - In the academic year of 2015/2016, the Faculty of Islamic Studies (FIAI) received three foreign students from Thaliand. The three students would take a regular study in the Study Program of Islamic Economics and Islamic Education. All three students received a full scholarship fromUII (Islamic  University of Indonesia). They were given the facility to stay in Ponpes UII (UII Islamic Boarding School).

Thosethree students Nurainee U-mar (Department of Islamic Economics), Yusri (Department of Islamic Education), and Hudzaifa (Department of Islamic Education). On Wednesday, 20 Shawwal 1436 AH / August 5th, 2015, they visited the Faculty of Islamic Studies. There were some assistants that accompanied those three colleagues from Thailand studying at UI.

The visit was received by the Dean of FIAI, Dr. H. Tamyiz Mukharrom, MA., andthe Head of Program Study of Islamic Economics, Dr. Dra. Rahmani Timorita Yulianti, M.Ag. assisted by the Secretary ofthe Study Program of Islamic Economics, Soya Sobaya, SEI., MM., Lecturers of Islamic Economics, and educational personnel of FIAI.

Dr. Tamyiz welcomed the arrival of the Thai students. "We are very excited with the arrival of all of you," he said. Their presence was an important step FIAI to go international.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rahmani explained the learning process ofFIAI in general and of the Study Program of Islamic Economics in particular. "The existing curricula can be fulfilled within four years," he said. He also introduced them the Laboratory  of Shari’ah Mini Bank and BMT at-Ta’awun owned by FIAI. Bothbecame the internal apprentice places for the students of Islamic Economics.

The event was continued with a visit to BMT at-Ta’awun and ended with a group photo in front of the FIAI building.

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